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Product Description:

  • Multiple sizes available to cover all size excavations

  • Our plates are made from ASTM A-36 steel, making them safe and durable for traffic as well as pedestrians

  • All plates have a skid resistant epoxy coating (as mandated by NYC/NYS DOT)

  • Our Actek screw nut & lifting ring system make for no quicker, safer, or more efficient lifting method for your project

  • All plates are also equipped with lifting holes for chains or hooks to be placed through as an alternative lifting method



4' x 8' x 1-1/4”

5’ x 8' x 1-1/4”

6' x 10' x 1-1/4”

6' x 12' x 1-1/4”

6' x 14' x 1-1/4”

6' x 16' x 1-1/4”

8' x 12' x 1-1/4”

8' x 16' x 1-1/4”

8' x 20' x 1-1/4”

8' x 24' x 1-1/4”

Serving The Five Boroughs & Long Island

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rentals Available!

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Transportation Options:

Customer Pickup/Drop Off:

Customer can send their own vehicle that is equipped to accommodate the size and weight of the equipment.  We will load all equipment onto your vehicle

Citywide Delivery/Pickup:

We can accommodate all trucking needs as requested.  Equipment delivered/picked up safe and securely to all sites

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